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Stanton Foundation gives $1 million to support American Classical Education

The Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI) is an outreach program of Hillsdale County (Michigan) devoted to the revitalization of public education through the launch and support of classical K-12 charter schools. Recently, The Stanton Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by David and Laura Stanton to provide scholarship, education and basic needs to underprivileged children around the world, pledged $1 million to the American Classical Education initiatives.

Pictured above, the Stantons will be captured in a commissioned portrait painting that will be prominently displayed in the newly established Stanton Foundation Center for Classical Education at Hillsdale College.

"The reward far outweighs the contribution," says Dr. Laura Stanton, whose philanthropic efforts will once again impact thousands of youth across the country and through this particular initiative, promote a model of education that is rooted in liberal arts and sciences. "It goes beyond studies," adds Dr. Laura, "The program also teaches civic virtue and cultivates moral character. We're thrilled to support the effort and truly make a difference in so many young lives."

To learn more about BCSI and classical education, visit


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