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Congratulations, Justin Ealy!

Stanton Foundation scholarship recipient Justin Ealy followed up his two years of academic achievements at Jackson Community College by graduating with honors at Western University where he just completed his Bachelor's Degree program.

Justin entered Michigan’s foster care system at the age of 15 and continues to be a part of the program as a college student. As a result of his experiences in foster care that “probably saved my life," he is driven to work with youth who are struggling with everyday problems and particularly with those who are in foster care. A proud mentor to his younger brother, Justin strives through example to impart the value of higher education.

Bolstered by the generous support of The Stanton Foundation, Justin said several years ago when he was awarded the scholarship, “It’s a humbling experience. I was shocked to hear about it, but I am so thankful for this opportunity for the future.” Looks like Justin made the most of his scholarship and we wish him continued success... way to go!

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