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Dr Laura Stanton has authored two bilingual children's books. Books can be purchased individually and are available in bulk for classrooms, non-profit organizations, travel and tourism bureaus and gift shops. For special pricing, please contact us.

The Gypsy Queen/La Reina Gitana, written in English and translated into Spanish, is an American adventure across six states: Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Idaho. Featuring the Cervantes, their dog Bonnie and the family camper named “Gypsy Queen,” this story is an enthusiastic exploration of the western United States with plenty of fun facts unearthed along the way. Through spirited illustrations, bilingual narrative and personal journal entries, you’ll ride along with Pedro, Heather, Penny, Paul and Bonnie as they share the best road trip ever! Illustrated by Beth Armstrong. 46 pages, $20.

Animals/Animales uses vibrant, pictorial illustrations and phonetic pronunciations to showcase an ABC  "parade" of animals, displaying the name of each animal in both English and Spanish.  Also included is an activity page where your child can draw their own favorite animal and practice writing the name. Illustrated by P.M. Richard. 30 pages, $10.

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