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$10,000 annual gift awarded to EMU School of Dance by Dr. Laura Stanton

Dr. Laura Stanton, a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, recently pledged to contribute $10,000 annually to the Eastern Michigan University School of Music and Dance.

"The dance school saved my life. I wanted to give back to this incredible program," said Dr. Stanton, for whom the scholarship will be named. The Dr. Laura Lambick Stanton $10,000 Scholarship will be awarded annually by EMU's Dance department to a worthy recipient into perpetuity.

"We are thrilled," said Dr. Christopher Barrack, EMU Professor and Director, School of Music & Dance. "We thank The Stanton Foundation for their generous donation to our Dance students."

Dr. Stanton continues to dance daily.

“Dance fills my heart with joy while keeping me fit and emotionally fulfilled," added Dr. Stanton.

To learn more about The Stanton Foundation, founded by David and Dr. Laura Stanton, please visit


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