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Dr. Laura Stanton publishes The Gypsy Queen / La Reina Gitana

Former reading teacher and current philanthropist and education advocate Dr. Laura Stanton, a Michigan native who also has a home in Solvang, Calif., captures the spirit of the family road trip in two languages with her recent self-publication of The Gypsy Queen, An American Adventure Across Six States, now available in hardcover.

Written in English and translated into Spanish by Anali Bazan, this 46-page, full color children’s book tracks the travels of the Cervantes family, their dog Bonnie and their beloved family camper dubbed “Gypsy Queen.” It is priced at $20 and can be purchased on-line at

“I am thrilled with this book,” said Dr. Stanton of her second bilingual work. “As a child, I remember taking road trips and the impact they had on my development. Being able to see and revel in all the great things this country has to offer, particularly in the western part of the U.S., is an unforgettable experience.”

Stanton, along with 23-year-old illustrator Beth Armstrong, a United Kingdom resident, have collaborated to present a delightful peek into the best parts of Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Idaho through the eyes of Pedro, Heather, Penny and Paul, an adventurous family of four traversing thousands of miles with Bonnie the poodle and the Gypsy Queen in tow.

Each of the featured states along the family’s loop is showcased with fun facts and highlights in English and Spanish. Stanton’s bilingual narrative follows the journey by describing specific sites visited and experiential moments. The characters add their own insight with personal journal entries following each state visit, also shared in both languages. At the end of the book, Stanton has included a few blank pages and encourages young readers to add their own drawn and written adventures.

“Beth is an amazing artist,” added Stanton. “Her drawings bring the story and the state highlights to life in a humorous, educational and truly remarkable way. She is a fan of Disney, and you can definitely see her gifts shine from that inspiration.”

Two years in the making, The Gypsy Queen’s first printing is a welcome and rewarding sight for Stanton, founder of The Stanton Foundation along with her husband, David.

“We would love to see this book used in the classroom,” notes Stanton. “It is as educational as it is entertaining. Our goal with the Foundation has long been to provide children with ample opportunities to grow through learning, love and support. The Gypsy Queen is a story that can expand horizons.”

Bulk pricing is available for schools, non-profit organizations and travel and tourism bureau gift shops. For more information, visit and

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