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Five Hillsdale County Educators Receive Teacher of the Year Honors

Hillsdale, MI, June 2, 2017 –The Stanton Foundation and the Hillsdale County Community Foundation is pleased to announce two winners of the 2017 Hillsdale County Teacher of the Year award, and three teachers who received honorable mention awards. Amy Goldsmith, Hillsdale High School Spanish and English teacher, was chosen to receive the sixth annual $10,000 award.

Nicholas Tucker, Hillsdale High School mathematics teacher, has received a second place award in the amount of $5,000. In addition, three educators were selected for special honorable mention awards: Jonesville first grade teacher Sharri Beatty, Jonesville high school science teacher Kimberly Salsbury, and Hillsdale High School English teacher Amanda Waidely.

The intent of the award is to recognize educators in Hillsdale County who are known for going above and beyond the standard requirements and job duties associated with being a teacher, who enrich the lives of their students and show dedication to their school and community.

First place honoree Amy Goldsmith has taught for 27 years, 11 of those at Hillsdale High School. She sets high expectations for all of her students. Amy is involved in many projects and committees within the district. From class advisor, student council, quiz bowl, National Honor Society, the freshman mentor program and school music productions she is never idle. But this past year, she extended herself a bit more and organized the “Word Assembly” to promote and fund the Word Scholarship along with creating an assemble to promote science and engineering career possibilities for young women. She is constantly stretching herself and providing new opportunities for the school.

Mrs. Goldsmith says, “When my students leave my classroom it deeply matters to me that they take away something meaningful.” Those who nominated Amy shared that her quality, passion and dedication to children are clearly recognizable to the students, their families, her peers and the community.

Second place award winner Nicholas Tucker’s passion for teaching is evident through his energy when numbers present both opportunities and challenges. Nick is also involved in many facets of the learning process from leading the Robotics team in competition, creating chess tournaments, creating the HIVE, and assisting struggling students during lunch and before or after school in learning math concepts. Nick is a beloved self-proclaimed math geek among the Hornet community.

Mr. Tucker says, “My commitment as a father and educator are some of my highest priorities. I am proud to be a public educator and to work in this community where I raise my family.”

Honorable mentions were also awarded to three outstanding teachers. Sharri Beatty, Jonesville first grade teacher, has been teaching for 21 years, 15 of those have been spent at Jonesville’s Williams Elementary School. Kimberly Salsbury, Jonesville high school agricultural education instructor, has been teaching for 29 years, five of those at Jonesville. Hillsdale High School English teacher Amanda Waidely has been an educator for four years. All of the honored educators participate in several outside committees and community organizations, in addition to being valuable resources within their schools for their peers and as well as their students.

Nominations were received from educational professionals, students, parents, and community members in general. 93 teachers were nominated, with several receiving multiple nominations. All applications were reviewed by a committee, which utilized a points system in evaluating applications.

More information about the Teacher of the Year Award or the award recipients can be obtained by calling the Hillsdale County Community Foundation office at 517-439-5101 Monday through Friday from 9 am – 4 pm, or by stopping at the offices located at 2 S. Howell Street in Hillsdale.

The Stanton Foundation was established in 1991 by David and Laura Stanton. This private foundation was established to promote youth and educational programs. The Hillsdale County Teacher of the Year Award was created to honor those who have a most profound effect on young people and who greatly influence the leaders of tomorrow.

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